Re: Helpful Stuff

Actually,  the Green Bullet and Astatic JT-30,  popular with harp players
were originally designed as dispatcher microphones.  Harp players like them
because they are compact,  distort easily,  are relatively light and were
inexpensive.  I bought my JT-30 about 7 years ago for 30 dollars.  I like the
Green Bullet a little bit better,  but the JT-30 isn't a bad mike.  Finding a
good amp is a different story.  I have played through numerous practice amps
including: Yamaha,  Fender Champ and Super Champ,  an ancient Gibson,  and a
couple of bigger Fenders and a Peavey.  The only one I really liked was the
Super Champ.

I have been playing harp for over ten years, been in a couple bands,  sat
in at numerous jam sessions in and around Chicago.  Since moving to California,
I play only at home for personal enjoyment.

Does anyone have the address for Hohner in Virginia,  I would like to get
my chromatic fixed or get replacement reed plates at some point.


Joe Lempkowski

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