Listserver commands

Ok.  This is not a flame it is just for your information so we can
keep the list free of garbage.

To post a letter to this group, send it to "HARP-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
which many people are obviously doing.

Signoff, Review, Query and the other administrative commands have to
be sent to "LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" which runs Harp-L.

If you have any questions write me or send a letter to
"LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" and put ONLY this line in it:


I think it helps if you delete your signature when sending to

You can also send to "ARCHIVES@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" to get archives of this
To get all messages in the archives send the message "SEND HARP-L".
If you just want messages from a particular month use . . . well it
tells you how to do it in the LISTSERV help file.

I'm glad you are all taking an interest in the group.  I never thought
it would go over this good.

Good luck with the LISTSERV and as always:



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