RE: repairs

ROBERT L WILLIAMS <RLWILLIAMS@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>        I have a pocket pal and one of the reeds is stuck... any solutions?
>The draw works ok but the blow is dead.  Are these simple instruments to
>take apart and put back together or is there some simpler solution?


I've got a Pocket Pal also.  Yes they are pretty simple to take apart,
if you have a very small screwdriver.  That is what I do.  I take the
covers off and see if something is jamming the reed (it only takes a
little bit of dirt or a hair or whatever).

If you can fix it by removing the case and cleaning it, I guess the
problem could be the reed itself.  They were out after awhile.

Which takes me to a point on harps.  I like the sound (for the price)
of the Suzuki Folk Masters, but I have one gripe.  One or two of my
reeds is starting to go out on me (and it is not the fault of dirt or
myself) and I have only had the harp for two years (with actually
little wear and tear on that harp).

What I would like to know goes along with the question of which harp
is better:  Which harps last longer?  Do the ones that last longer
usually have better sounds?

Thanks all, and good luck with the "open harp surgery" Skip.


Ps-  On the subject of names.  Maybe by putting either our last name
     or our computer user ID like I did.  Just an idea.

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