Hello from Zimbabwe

Well, what I've seen in this group is fantastic!  I've been playing
for a couple of years, first on a Golden Butterfly (the only harp
available in Zim at the time) and just recently a Hohner Weekender.
Both are C, and my playing leaves much to be desired!  I'm really
looking forward to learning from you all.
I first got interested at a school camp some years back when
a teacher of mine played a few songs on his Blues harp.  He had taught
himself to play, and I haven't heard anyone else - except for brief
parts in rock songs, etc.  There are no books available at home about
harps, but I may be able to get something here in South Africa where
I am studying.  The question is - what books?  I'd need to know
title, author and publisher as I think I'll have to order from
overseas.  Also - I can but ask :-):

- what is bending???  From what I've read so far, it's what
gives the harp its really distinctive sound, and it's the reason I
can't get mine to sound like the music I've heard - f'rnistance that
bit in Suicide Blonde by INXS
- does one bend all the time, or only at appropriate places in a song?
- is C ok to learn with?
- Anyone got any advice on any topic at all for me as a rank beginner?

Thanks a span!


Simon Walsh        g92w5505@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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