my harmonica evolution

Hi everyone. I've been having fun reading everyone else's contributions,
so I had to write something.

I started playing when I was 16 on a trip to Switzerland.  My cousin,
who plays guitar, brought along a cheapo Huang Star Performer.  We
would trade off playing while riding on the train through the Swiss
countryside.  Memories...

Anyways, I kept playing (for about 5 years now).  I started off using
Huangs and various Hohners.  I liked Special 20's for a while, but now
I use almost exclusively Lee Oskar harps.  I think they are easier
to play, and easier to get weird bends like bending on a blow note, etc.
I have a Roland cube amp which I really like.  It has a wide range and
I think it produces a cleaner sound than your average guitar amp.  I use
a cheapo Shure mic that kind of sucks, but it was free, and it's all
I've got.

I haven't had much experience with bands.  Some of my friends play
guitar, and we jam from time to time.  There are also occaisional
blues jam sessions in Santa Barbara which are a lot of fun.  It's hard
to find people to play with who have the same musical taste.  The music
scene here on campus is basically a grundge-rock ghetto.

Some questions:  Has anyone used a small electret mic, like the
clip-on ones that horn players use?  Also, what are people's opinions
on chromatic harps?  I've got a (relatively) cheapo Hohner chromatic
and I don't like it.

Jason Hillyard          upsetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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