Re: Many things

I like the harp-notation idea -- but we need something for bends. What
about (3)# for a half-step, (3)* for a full-step, and (3)+ for 1 1/2
steps? And how do we (or do we?) notate the rhythm? That's what has
always thrown me in trying to do ASCII harp notation.

On the bellows front: always use it, if you buy the harp and it has a
stuck or blown reed, you gotta mail it back to Virginia and wait for a
new one. But that bellows thing will ONLY tell you if a reed is dead.
It won't tell you if one rings when you play it too hard, or does any
of the other ten million things a harp can do wrong. :)

Carolyn, you mentioned the Green Bullet mic -- what's the advantage of
that? I've been using a Shure vocal mic and it doesn't seem to feed
back too badly, although I don't have the experience playing with
bands that you do. What do you like about the bullet?

Great list!

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