Who the hell am I?

  Okay, I am on this list too. I bought a harp (the whole Klutz package)
on a whim in Carmel last spring and swore I was actually going to practice
this instrument since guitar was getting nowhere.

 Well I admit it, I never really have done anything besides play around
on my own. I can't really play it at all, and I"ve never worked through
the book. Or listened to the tape.

 Anyway I like being involved with lists like this, and reading and thinking
about techniques and so on...I will eventually spend the time to learn the
harp properly, I've crossed some threshold with my guitar playing where
I can almost do some things, where I have some control over the
instrument, and that is very rewarding. So maybe the harp will come soon...

  And now back into the murk I fade.....

|  Steve Portigal  University of Guelph  Guelph, Ontario      |
|  stevep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (519) 824-4120 x 3580      |

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