Many things

Let me start out by saying, "I love this stuff!!!!".

Ok.  It seems we have many people who have a good deal of talent and
experience, in addition to the beginners (myself included).  So
hopefully those enlightened individuals (like you Carolyn) keep
contributing, this will be a GREAT list, and not just a good one.

(sorry people, I've got to push it)


I don't like the tongue block style either.  I use it to "tongue" and
bend, so the tongue block style does not seem like an option for me.

Soaking your harp:  I've heard bad things about that, but the Harpist
who wrote the letter talking about it (sorry about not remembering
your name, things are hectic here) explained the pros and cons well.
Thanks on that.

Ok.  Bill.  I always check new harps on the bellows before I buy it. 
It is possible to get one with a defective reed.  It's a free service
so you might as well do it while you are there.  Also it can give you
a feel for the sound of a harp without having to buy (i.e. if you were
comparing two different brands of harps).

Harp Notation:  I propose a style similiar to how Jon Gindick (and
others) do their's, with a little modification for the computer.

A blow would simply be the number:  3  would be a three blow.
A draw would be the # in ():  (3)  would be a three draw.

I cannot take credit for this.  Bill suggested this to me before I had
started the listserver.  I think that it is a good idea.  If anyone
has any other ideas or improvements on this one, let us know.

Thanks to all,


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