RE: What types?

<tmcalice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>Well, OK, I'll crawl out from the shadows just long enough to say that
>I subscribed to this list because I've just recently started playing,
>and I was hoping to see some transcriptions, tips for playing, etc...
>without ever having to be an active participant (just call me shy).

It's good to have you out in the open with us.  8-)  It makes it
easier to learn (from all view points).

>I'd be interested in seeing two things from this list in the near
>future ...
>[1] For those of you who can bend - how'd you figure it out, by
>reading a book, by hearing someone else bend, or just through
>perseverance and hard work????

Yes.  It was a combination of all three for me.  I learned how to play
from the Klutz book by Jon Gindick.

You might try the Weeee/Euuuu approach.  If you can whistle and change
the tone of that whistle then you have almost got it.  It is very
similar, move your move to make your harp say "Weeee" then try to make
it say "Euuuu".   I know, easier said than done.  But if I can learn
it, ANYONE can.

>[2] How about if everyone sends a quick note stating their experience
>level and any other interesting biographical notes that are relevant.
>Maybe if I didn't think that this list consisted of 49 world-class
>harp players and myself, I might be less shy in the future :-)

Yea.  I'm still trying to get people to do that.

>Just my $.02 worth.

Thanks for the input Tim.  Hopefully more people will "come out of the
shadows" and give us their opinions as well.


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