Re : what types ?

 I found Tim's note very interesting as I am also a beginner, I bought a
couple of song books, I have two Marine bands (A and C, the most commonly
used), and several CDs by Little Walter, Jimmy Reed, Sonny Boy Williamson
II, Paul Butterfield, Sugar Blue, ... I don't know much about different
brands of harps but as I am mostly interested in Blues Harp, I have always
heard that Marine Bands were the *must*, and that Hohner is probably the
oldest and better specialist in the art of making harps.

I think that bending notes is not easy to teach. It  requires a lot of work
to get it. I find it a lot easier on my C harp. You should also begin on the
3rd or 4th hole. Basically, you must try to move your tongue from your teeth
to your throat as far and as down as possible. And you must suck powerfully
enough. Moreover, your harp must also get used to it, I mean that it is
harder to bend notes on a harp that has never been used for that before.

Hope this helps.

--- Pierre F. ROUBERTIES, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights ---

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