RE: What types?

LUCKY <ljames1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>-	What types of harps do you all play out there?  I'm on a Lee Oskar, by
>	tombo.  I've only just started playing and its a hard job to teach
>	yourself.  I play to the cows and on the tractor, but still, you've
>	got to start somewhere right.

Right now I have three harps:  a Hohner Pocket Pal and two Suzuki Folk
Masters.  My cousin has a Folk Master and a Marine Band and his mother
has a Hohner Blues Harp.

My Pocket Pal is not an expensive harp, but it's not bad to start on. 
Although it is about to die on me, so I have decided to get a Lee
Oskar to replace it.

As far as which harp is better than another, I don't think that we can
really say.  Obviously a $25 harp will be better than a $2 plastic one
(slight exaggeration, but it gets the point across).  But I think
that the best way to see which harp works the best for me is to try
different ones.  That could get expensive, but I'm sticking to things
below $30.  I've heard good things about many harps (Hohner Blues,
Marine Band, Lee Oskar, Suzuki, etc.) and I've heard bad things about
many harps (Hohner Blues, Marine Band, Lee Oskar, Suzuki, etc.).

So, if anyone out there would like to put in their two-cents worth on
which harps they think are good/bad and why, I am sure that several of
us would appreciate it.

Like I said, the Pocket Pal is fairly cheap, but I kind of like it. 
Of course the only key it comes in is C, but what do you want for
under $10.  The Suzuki Folk Masters are ok also.  They cost about $12
and are worth about the same.  The tone is not too bad, but I've heard
alot better (overall a good, CHEAP PRICED, harp).

OK.  Now I know that there are at least 50 people subscribed to this
list.  I know I said that you do not have to post to be a valid
member, but this group will go kind of slow if only the same 4 or 5
people always do the posting.  We want to hear from everyone (if you
care to voice your opinion).

Let's have those Harp reviews.

Good Harpin'


PS-  I don't think that the type of harp or how well made it is really
     matters.  I imagine that Little Walter, Charlie Musslewhite,
     Toots Thielman, and other various virtuosos could make even the
     cheapest tin-box squeaker sing like the angles.  Good music comes
     from inside us, the Harpist, the harp is just there for moral
     support (and to help a little with the sound).

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