Re: Can anyone help?

My name is Bill Conger and I just started to play blues harp.  I used the Klutz
book and just bought a $4 book by Dave Harp.  I have the Pocket Pal harp in C
and I am ready to buy an A harp (to play with blues songs in E). I could use
some advice on purchasing one and on some good books.  I was wondering about
the Hohner Blues Harp.  Ive heard that they wear out quicker but if they are
easier to bend it might be worth starting on.  I've been playing guitar for 4
years and I hope to be able to play acoustic guitar and harp at the same time.
Any tips on this?  Obviously when playing guitar you can't use your hands to
shape the sound of the harp.  What do players do to compensate for this?  Just
play alot of bends?
        It would be great if people posted songs and riffs here.  There are
many ways of writing harp music with most being about the same.  Maybe we
should come up with a standard form for posting them.  Any ideas?


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