another intro...

Well, here's a real post.

(Background info:  I'm a 6th year senior in Math/CS with a Jazz Studies
minor.  Trying to graduate, but doubting the reality of the real
world <grin>)

I first bought a harp about seven years ago.  It was part of the
klutz package.  Played in the car for a few years.  I am now finally
getting out and playing with others, but still feel I have a ways
to go.

I did catch a blues workshop with James Harman here in Duluth this
summer.  Much fun <grin>, and I picked up some info too.

What harps do you use?  I've got a Honher (sp?) blues harp, and a
couple of special 20's.  I don't think I'll buy any more blues harps,
just don't care for the sound as much, and I think it'll wear out
sooner.  Harman recommended the Marine Band harps, but he's
sponsored by Honher too.

What harp player do you listen to?  I've got some Sonny Boy (2) disks,
and a couple of Little Walter disks.  They're great, but I haven't
bought anything recorded recently focusing on the harp.  Bummer, but
just can't afford it.  There's so much great old stuff in the bargain

Keep blowing...

  Ron Nelson                   Jake liked his women the way he liked
  rnelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx         his kiwi fruit: sweet yet tart, firm-
  526 N 16th Ave. E            fleshed yet yielding to the touch, and
  Duluth MN 55812              covered with short brown fuzzy hair.

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