Let me be the second one to introduce myself.

My name is Robert Williams but my friends call me Skip. I'm the dean of the
college of arts and sciences at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.
Gallaudet is the only liberal arts university for deaf people in the world.
about 1/4 of our faculty and all our undergraduates are deaf (I'm hearing).

I also started playing the harmonica with the klutz book and have about
five of his tapes. I just ordered a combination video, cassette,
instruction book AND harmonica.  I forget the name of it but I'll send it
on later... as a warning. I don't find it very much help except for one
little 2 minute trick in bending notes.  The accompanying harmonica called
a "hero" made in Asia is wonderful. Sooo smooth and easy.

I started playing the harmonica to calm my nerves in D.C. traffic. I play
mostly songs but am trying to play more bluesy stuff if I ever get the hang
of bending notes.

I have a number of tapes and cd's of harmonica players.... I thought it
would be good if we could assemble some bibiligraphy of what's available.
I'll post what I have someday soon.


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