Can anyone help?

This was just sent to me.  I don't have any idea about this sort of
thing.  So if anyone out there has a suggestion for Leonard you can
e-mail him at the address below or send it to me at



Leonard Watkins <ISTS024@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>I have a harp player who saw Chicago Charile i believe that's who it was
>anyway he had a small box (direct-box size) that had slider controls that
>cut down on feedback when he had his amp "cranked" up. The brand name
>was EDI it sounds like an EQ we really need to find out what it is so
>we can locate one and we're in a big hurry, so if you have any idea what
>he's talking about please let me know or suggest another method to cut
>feedback....Hurry.....L.W. ISTS024@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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