Let's get to know us

I see that there is already a good number of people subscribed to the
list.  That's GREAT!

I thought it might be a good idea to give some info on ourselves and
our harpin' backgrounds.

I am a junior at Western Kentucky University working on a double major
in Biology and Chemistry.  I have been playing the harp for about five
years now, on and off, but just recently I have gotten serious with

I started with the Klutz book (that came with a Hohner Pocket Pal)
written by Jon Gindick.  I try to follow his style (until I can get
good enough to find my own).

Right now I am mainly playing the Blues and some straight harp ditties
("Old Susana", "Old Folks at Home", and the usually stand-bys).

I am interested in learning to play any and all styles of music and I
have a great appreciate for them all.

Well, I guess that is as good of a start as any.

Chris Pierce                    |    In the Light and Sound of God 
Gilbert Hall                    |    Dragon's Gate Kung Fu:  Ja-Kari-Do
1505 Russellville Rd Rm 327     |    
Bowling Green KY  42101-3565    |    Departments of Biology and Chemistry

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