Re: Who am I? What is Harmonica World?


Welcome to the net.  I've been exchanging letters with Winslow Yerxa, and
his last letter tells me he's been exchanging Compuserve mail with you.
I recently sent Winslow some more information on the HARP-L mailing list.
I wasn't sure, though, how he could get there from Compuserve.  I trust
you will tell him your method.

I play both diatonic and chromatic, myself.  Not nearly as well as I'd
like, of course.  My preferred styles are blues and jazz.  I've never
tried bass or chord, although I enjoy hearing them played well.

I'm glad we have a knowledgeable contributor from the other side of the
pond.  I'm anxious to hear more about the harmonica life over there.

I'd like to have a sample copy of your publication.  My address is

George Mayhew, 17522 Independence Ct., Brook Park, OH, USA 44142

My habit is to subscribe to every harmonica periodical I can find.
Winslow's HIP is far and away my favorite.

Looking forward to more harmonica talk.


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