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Welcome to the Harp-L mailing list!

Harp-L, What it is -
Harp-L is an electronic mailing list for the discussion of harmonica
music, playing, maintenance, and all related topics -- a place for
harmonipaths worldwide to wax lyrical about the world's most fun and
portable instrument.

Harp-L was founded in 1992 by Chris Pierce at Western Kentucky
University.  When Chris left WKU, the list moved to garply.com, in
Huntsville, AL, where Hugh Messenger served as owner-harp-l -- that
is, the list's administrator and moderator -- from 1995 until 1997. 

In that year, SPAH began its Harp-L sponsorship, which lasted until 
2004, and Danny Wilson, SPAH's webmaster, became interim administrator. 
In April 1998, Michael Polesky became owner-harp-l, with Jonas Karlsson 
taking technical leadership. Danny Wilson, "BassHarp," continued to 
serve the list as webmaster and technical adviser. In late 2002, 
Harp-L found a new home and new URL at harp-l.com.

The job of owner-harp-l passed in August 2002 to fjm, one of the 
list's earliest members.  In the summer of 2004, Harp-L significantly 
upgraded its hardware and software. It also picked up a new Internet
address:  while the list continues to be accessible at harp-l.com, 
Harp-L's "official" address became harp-l.org, consistent with Harp-L's 
nonprofit status and public-service mission.

Many thanks to the late Douglas Tate, former president of the Society
for Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica. Without his help,
we would have surely perished.


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